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Book and Material Donation Guide

The Friends of the Morgan Hill Library (FMHL) are grateful to the community for its continuing support.  Good quality donations are always welcome.  Items not needed by the Library are sold by the Friends at amazingly low prices to our Bookstore patrons, with all proceeds benefiting the Library.

You can leave your donations with one of the FMHL volunteers in the bookstore.  If the bookstore is closed, please leave donations at the front desk with the library staff and tell them that the material is being donated to the Friends.

Please review your materials for donations we accept and bring no more than five (5) boxes or eight (8) bags at a time, as we have minimal storage space:

Please donate the following:

  • Books — all types, paperback and hardback
  • Books on CDs — abridged or unabridged
  • Newer textbooks (less than 5 years old)
  • Music CDs
  • Blu-ray Disc™, DVD and VHS movies
  • Complete jigsaw puzzles

Please do not donate the following, and save our few volunteers from the physical work of handling, storing, and disposing of materials we cannot use, based on our patrons' preferences:

  • Books in poor condition that cannot be sold
    • Moldy, dirty, or dusty from non-use or storage
    • Visible insect, mouse, or pet damage
    • Torn pages or covers, heavy highlighting or note-taking
    • Moisture damage, stains
  • Encyclopædias
  • Outdated (older than 5 years) textbooks, computer/technology materials, almanacs, travel guides
  • Reader's Digest condensed books
  • Magazines (use the library drop-off bin for magazines)
  • Board games
  • Cassette tapes, including audiobooks on tape

You may donate items any time the library is open. Receipts for your tax-deductible book donations are available at the Friends Bookstore or at the library's front desk.

We encourage recycling books that cannot be used by the Friends. Books with paper covers may be placed in your home recycling bin or taken to a recycling center that accepts paper and cardboard.

Recycling symbol, green

Thanks for sharing your books and materials with the Friends! We know many donors are also Bookstore Patrons, FMHL Members, Volunteers, or our own dedicated Library Staff!